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About Us


We organize young folks — and those who are young at heart — who care about the future of St. Louis, progressive politics, and how we can make an impact. While there are many organizations that help young people get involved in their communities, only the St. Louis Young Democrats connect you to the Democratic Party, political leaders, and actionable paths to political change.


We envision an equitable future where everyone has a voice in decisions that affect our region.


A future where our voices are heard. Where results are not dictated by race, class, gender, (Dis)ability, sexual orientation, Gender identity, or religion. Where we can trust elected officials to represent the interests of the people.

So, how do we get there?

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We build community around issues that are important to us by connecting with like-minded young adults who are striving to make the St. Louis region better for everyone.  


We come together for monthly meetings, trainings, and volunteer events. We create space for our members and the larger community to learn about and take action on issues impacting our region. We invite candidates to seek our endorsement and we work to hold our elected officials accountable.


We work with each other and together with candidates, elected officials, and organizations to spread awareness and effect positive change. From canvassing to community events, we're out in the region engaging our neighborhoods and empowering young people to use their voice.

2019 Executive Board


Membership elects the Executive Board each December and all members serve in their position for one year. The vice president makes a two-year commitment, serving the first year as vice president and the next as president.


Maggie Lalor, President

Reginald Garth, Vice President

Steve Lenivy, Treasurer

Sarah Felts, Secretary


Ciera Simril, Membership Engagement

Karisa Gilman-Hernandez, Outreach

Tess Yocom, Communications

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