St. Louis Young Democrats Announce Endorsements

We are excited to announce our endorsed candidates for the March 7, 2017 Municipal Primary Elections:

• Mayor: Tishaura Jones • Comptroller: Darlene Green • Alderman (Ward 5): Megan Betts • Alderman (Ward 9): Dan Guenther • Alderman (Ward 11): Sarah Wood Martin • Alderman (Ward 15): Megan-Ellyia Green • Alderman (Ward 17): Joe Diekemper • Alderman (Ward 19): Lindsay Pattan

To be eligible for endorsement, candidates running for Mayor, Comptroller, and Board of Aldermen were required to complete a questionnaire and receive over 50% of the general membership vote. The following races had candidates who submitted a questionnaire, but the "No Endorsement" option received over 50% of the vote:

• Ward 1 • Ward 3 • Ward 16 • Ward 21 • Ward 27

Following the Mayoral Forum, fifty-nine St. Louis Young Democrats members voted in the mayoral endorsement process. Check out the results:

Tishaura Jones: 57.6% Lyda Krewson: 25.4% Lewis Reed: 8.5% Antonio French: 6.8% Jeffrey Boyd: 1.7% Bill Haas: 0% Jimmie Matthews: 0%

We also asked our members which issues matter most in 2017. This year, the St. Louis Young Democrats will focus on the three areas which received the most votes:

1. Racial Equity 2. Voter Access / Suppression 3. St. Louis City / County Fragmentation

Thank you to everyone who participated in the endorsement process. Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities with our endorsed candidates!

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