Young Dems Endorse Heather Navarro for 28th Ward Alderman


Young Dems,

Thank you for voting in the 28th Ward endorsement process - your voices have been heard! Heather Navarro received the St. Louis Young Democrats endorsement with 83.3% of the vote. The Young Democrats Executive Committee is excited by Ms. Navarro's track record in social justice and environmental protection, and we are confident her leadership and advocacy skills will make her a valuable addition to the Board of Alderman.

St. Louis Young Democrats members and 28th Ward residents met last night for a candidate forum in which two of the three candidates seeking endorsement spoke about their vision for the Ward and St. Louis City: Heather Navarro and Celeste Vossmeyer. Steve Roberts was unable to attend due to travel. To be eligible for endorsement, candidates running for Board of Aldermen were required to complete a questionnaire and receive over 50% of the general membership vote.

For this particular race, we invited the Democratic candidate, Heather Navarro, and Independent candidates, Steve Roberts and Celeste Vossmeyer, to seek the organization’s endorsement. Since the 28th Ward Alderman race is a Special Election, there is no primary election where voters select the Democratic candidate. Rather, the Democratic Central Committee selects the Democratic candidate. In order to maximize transparency and education for our members, all candidates who self-identified as Democrats were able to seek endorsement.

Following the Forum, eighteen St. Louis Young Democrats members voted in the aldermanic endorsement process. Check out the results:

Heather Navarro, Democrat: 83.3% Celeste Vossmeyer, Independent: 16.7% Steve Roberts, Independent: 0% Do Not Endorse: 0%

St. Louis Young Democrats Endorsement

An endorsement from the St. Louis Young Democrats indicates that a candidate's record, performance in office, or promise of future relations meets the standards set forth by the organization’s members. The St. Louis Young Democrats will participate in a canvassing event for aldermanic candidate Heather Navarro, and will utilize social media to encourage their members and followers to cast their votes for the endorsed candidate.

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