Nov 7 Election - Endorsements

St. Louis, MO [Nov 3, 2017] – ST. LOUIS YOUNG DEMOCRATS ENDORSE JASMINE TURNAGE, NO ON PROP P, YES ON CLEAN MISSOURI, RAISE UP MISSOURI, and AUDIT STL PETITIONS. At the organization’s November membership meeting, the St. Louis Young Democrats (Young Dems) discussed issues pertaining to the upcoming November 7 St. Louis City municipal election, as well as the following local and current petitions: Clean Missouri, Raise Up Missouri, and AuditSTL. Young Democrats members voted to endorse after hearing from speakers from each campaign.

Following this meeting, the membership of the Young Dems endorsed a NO vote on St. Louis City Proposition P and Jasmine Turnage for 2nd Ward Alderman. Additionally, the membership voted to support the Clean Missouri, Raise Up Missouri and Audit STL petitions. Ballot initiatives, petition campaigns and candidates running for Board of Aldermen are required to receive over 50% of the Young Dem’s general membership vote in order to be eligible for endorsement. Democratic candidate Lisa Middlebrook, and Independent candidate Jasmine Turnage were invited to the November meeting in order to seek the organization’s endorsement for the 2nd Ward Alderman race. Since the 2nd Ward Alderman race is a Special Election, there is no primary election in which voters select the Democratic candidate. Rather, the Democratic Central Committee selects the Democratic candidate. In order to maximize transparency and education for Young Dems members, all candidates who self-identified as Democrats were able to seek endorsement.

“In our effort to ensure that our membership - and our City, for that matter - is educated when voting on all the issues that affect our community, it is important that we to hold events which provide opportunity for discussion and enlightenment. It is our duty as an organization and as citizens of St. Louis,” said Elise Miller Hoffman, President of the St. Louis Young Democrats.

Following the forum, 37 St. Louis Young Democrats members voted in the endorsement process. The results are below:


INITIAL VOTE: Jasmine Turnage (1) 38.2%, Do Not Endorse (32.4%), Lisa Middlebrook (D) 29.4% RUNOFF VOTE (16 members voted): Jasmine Turnage (I): 68.8%, Do Not Endorse: 31.3%


Yes - For the Proposition: 29.7%, No - Against the Proposition: 59.5%, Do Not Endorse: 10.8%

CLEAN MISSOURI (Campaign Finance Petition; See

Yes - For the Petition: 91.7%, No - Against the Petition: 2.8%, Do Not Endorse: 5.6%

RAISE UP MISSOURI (Statewide Minimum Wage Petition; See

Yes - For the Petition: 100%, No - Against the Petition: 0%, Do Not Endorse: 0%

AUDIT STL (Petition for a State Audit of the City of St. Louis, with a focus on the Department of Public Safety; See

Yes - For the Petition: 83.8%, No - Against the Petition: 5.4%, Do Not Endorse: 10.8%


It is the mission of The St. Louis Young Democrats to provide a safe space to inform and discuss pressing community issues, empower members to have a voice in these issues and ensure they have the tools needed to ignite change. We envision a day when the St. Louis region is an informed community that advocates for its needs, and the needs of its neighbors, and that citizens’ rights, as outlined in the constitution, are respected and protected by democracy.


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