Response to Jason Stockley Verdict

After a long waiting period, the announcement of a not-guilty verdict to the Jason Stockley trial was announced to the City of St. Louis on Friday morning. While the verdict hits us with heavy hearts, we know that as citizens of the region, neighbors in our communities and Democrats of our state, we are called to educate, empower and act to ensure a more just and equitable future.

We recognize that there is much concern, anxiety, frustration and misundertanding that exists within our region regarding this outcome. So with care for our members and our communities, we share the following:

  • The public's right to peacefully gather and to protest is a constitutional right, regardless of the sources of the protest or its topic.

  • Violence against protestors is not an appropriate response. Further, violence against anyone or anything is not an appropriate response and is unacceptable.

  • There are many sources of information regarding this case, trial and opinions on the verdict. We urge you to become informed on this issue. One source comes from the Ethical Society of Police, which produced a primer on the case and why they believed that Jason Stockley was guilty of murder and it can be found here.

  • The racial tensions and inequities of this region run deep and did not disappear at some point in the past. St. Louis has a tremendous amount of work ahead of it to achieve any meaningful progress in these areas. A guilty verdict would not have erased our previous wrongs, nor does it mean that progress can never be made. Our organization is committed to working toward racial justice and equity for the region.

We urge those who are interested in joining groups downtown to use their voice passionately and effectively, while continuing to be safe and compassionate neighbors of our community. We will continue to provide updates in the coming hours and days as we learn about different opportunities to engage as citizens of this city and this region.

We Stand With You,

The Young Dems Exec Board



#BlackLivesMatter vigil will be held at 11:30a.m. atop the Olive & 270 bridge in Creve Couer on Saturday, 9/16.

An open conversation will take place at Equation Church from 7:00-8:15 Friday, 9/15. All are welcome.

4032 N. 22nd St

St. Louis, MO 63107

A protest will take place outside the Carnahan Courthouse at 10am Friday, 9/15.

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